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Should I use two hearing aids??

One of the most frequent questions we get asked at our Hearing Aids Clinic in Dwarka, is whether or not two hearing aids are better than one. The short answer: a resounding “yes.”

Our auditory system is made up of our two ears, our hearing nerves and the brain, and all parts work together to decode the sounds we hear, understand speech and pay less attention to background noise. Wearing two hearing aids, also called binaural hearing aids, makes intuitive sense

Two shoes are better than just one. Being able to hear with both ears as nature intended by wearing two hearing aids seems right if you have a hearing loss in both ears.

Here are are a few convincing reasons to equip yourself with a pair of devices instead of just one.


Use it or lose it

You probably know one of the best ways to keep your body healthy and in good working order is to use it – that means getting regular exercise. Conversely, when we don’t move and use our muscles, they tend to weaken. Wearing two hearing aids means each ear gets the stimulus it needs to stay at peak performance.

Crystal clear

One of the biggest reasons you may be considering getting hearing aids is that, besides not being able hear at normal levels, you find that even if you can hear it, the sound isn’t clear. Research has shown wearing two hearing aids makes for clearer conversation, making it possible to better understand sound.

Improved sound localization

Knowing what direction a sound is coming from, or sound localization, is something people with normal hearing take for granted. Our two ears work in delicate harmony to make localization easy.

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