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Hearing solutions for Tinnitus

Tinnitus or Ringing-in-the-ear is a problem which affects a large number of people, yet many are unaware of its side effects. This problem used to affect the elderly in the past, however now we see a lot younger population affected by this. The problem with tinnitus is a very limited impact of medicines to cure this situation. To effectively manage this situation of Tinnitus, sound management using hearing aids have proven to be beneficial all over the world. We have some of the latest solutions to help you manage and control the problem of tinnitus. You can book an appointment and meet our hearing experts.

Unilateral Hearing Loss - Amplyclear Hearing

Hearing solutions for hearing loss in "one ear"

Hearing loss in "one-ear" or Single Sided Deafness (SSD) as we call it medically is a very unique situation for the person. People with this condition can have one ear completely deaf and other ear perfectly normal or the person could have one ear completely deaf and hearing loss in other ear as well. In both the situations, it is seen that a person fails to identify the hearing impairment until and unless he goes for hearing test with audiologist. Having a situation of SSD, the person can still hear comfortably but finds it difficult to hear in group situations or noisy situations.If you suspect any such symptom, you should visit and audiologist and undertake a hearing test to identify the problem. We have some of the latest solutions to help people with single sided deafness.

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Hearing solutions for children

Our kids are special and their needs are special, just like them, the solution for their hearing loss has to be special, just for them. Children have very different requirements from a hearing aids, as compared to adults. For this specific reason, we have with our latest range of digital hearing aids, to help kids hear the world around them comfortably. Identifying hearing loss in children is quiet difficult and parents have to to be observant for some behaviour patterns such as:
- Delay in speech development of child
- No response from child, even when there is sudden sound produced around him.
- Poor performance in school
- Behaviour problems in school
- Child cannot identify the direction of sound.

Hearing aids for old people - Amplyclear Hearing

Hearing solutions for old persons

Our seniors often face problem in hearing, which can affect their overall health and can lead to cognitive decline and dementia at a faster rate. Being old brings along with it multitude of health problems, affecting eyes, ears, joints, teeth and cardiovascular health. Hearing is one of the important sensory perceptions required in old age, to help avoid situations like depression, high blood pressure, isolation from family & friends. We have specific hearing aids for old people, which are suitable for their hearing loss requirements and are budget friendly. Meet our hearing experts to find the perfect hearing aid for yourself.

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