Symptoms of hearing loss manifest over time, as a result, they can be overlooked by most of us. Hearing loss happens slowly – so slowly in fact it’s hard for them to notice it deteriorate at all. Indeed, you may realize someone has signs of hearing loss before they realize themselves.

Hearing loss problem is often referred to as “invisible disability” since the impairment is difficult to identify when it happens, we can only know about it when it becomes grave and interferes with the social life of the individual.

With the use of the following “early symptoms checklist”, you can observe and help your family and friends with helping them overcome their hearing problem in time.

Symptoms of Hearing Loss

Some early signs, if you have some degree of hearing problem

Signs of Hearing Loss

Turning the volume high while watching TV

If you or someone in your life is resorting to turning the volume up as compared to other family members, for no apparent reason, it could be an indicator that you / they're struggling with some level of hearing loss.

Signs of hearing loss

Regularly mis-understanding conversations

If you / someone you know is facing problem in having conversation comfortably and is in a habit of regularly misunderstanding or asking you to repeat, this makes a strong case of early signs of hearing problem. Getting hearing checked will be the best way forward from here.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Avoiding social / group situations

With increased background noise, social gatherings can be tricky for someone starting to experience hearing loss. As such, you may notice them avoiding these situations. With many people speaking together, person with some degree of hearing loss finds it difficult to follow any conversation clearly and hence tries to avoid such difficult situations.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Feeling stressed / tired after having long conversations

Listening with a hearing loss is hard work and requires extreme concentration. For that reason, some people find they tire easily during conversations and often become stressed. Of late due to Covid19, when people all around are wearing masks, this problem has aggraveted greatly.

Signs of Hearing Loss

Complaining - I can hear someone is speaking, but I can't understand it

This complaint clearly points out some degree of hearing problem, especially with voices such as that of females, children, TV, telephone, bell ringing. This symptom is a pointer for early onset of hearing loss and should be taken up with audiologist for complete hearing loss evaluation.

Hearing Test in Dwarka

Complaining - I can hear someone in front, but unable to hear someone from back

This is definitely reflective of some degree of hearing loss, given the fact that our mind does a compensation of hearing loss by "lip-reading" the person talking to us. However, since this visual clue is missing when the speaker is behind you, you face a hearing difficulty. A complete hearing test with an audiologist will definitely identify the degree the of hearing loss for you.

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