Comprehensive Hearing Testing, Hearing Aid & Speech Therapy Solutions from Experts

Conducting Hearing Test

Hearing Testing Service

We help you diagnose and check your hearing with our professional soundproof setup and experienced audiologist. We conduct :
1. Pure Tone Audiometry (PTA) - To check your inner ear for hearing loss
2. Tympanometry / Impedance Audiometry (IMP) - To check your middle ear

Hearing Aid Counselling - Amplyclear Hearing

Hearing Aid Counselling & Trials

Once you are aware about your hearing problem and identify the reason for the same, we help you take the next step in identifying a suitable technology in hearing aids. We also encourage you to "try before you buy" hearing aids, and conduct a clinical / home trial with latest digital hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Repair

Hearing Aids Repair & Service

We help you with all after sale support and repairs of hearing aids, to keep them in good condition and help you hear comfortably. You can visit us for both warranty and out-of-warranty repairs and services. We help you with fine tuning and re-programming of hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Accessories - Amplyclear Hearing

Hearing Aid Accessories

You can enhance the functionality of your hearing aids by pairing it with appropriate accessories. You can find all latest accessories for your hearing aid with us, which can help you:
1. Connect your hearing aid with mobile phone
2. Connect hearing aids with your TV / Ipad / Laptop
3. Protect your hearing aids from moisture / dust damages at all

4. Connect your hearing aids via mobile

Speech Therapy - Amplyclear Hearing

Speech & Voice Therapy

We help children and adults overcome their problems such as stammering, stuttering, delayed speech development, cleft palate, misarticultation. We help them with a personalised therapy to help them with problems in speaking based on scientific principles of speech development.

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