Free Hearing Aid Trial

Hearing aids help you hear comfortably and manage your hearing loss. Getting a suitable hearing aid and comfortable fit depends on:

  1. Accurate hearing test
  2. Choice of technology of hearing aids
  3. Programming of hearing aids

We have a remarkable new program that lets you experience the benefits of hearing aids before buying them.

With AMPLYCLEAR’s Try, Hear, Own program, you can understand how hearing aids can improve your quality of life before making a decision.

We offer our customers, “Hearing Aid Exchange Discounts” in Delhi, Dwarka and Karnal clinics, to make it easier for them to upgrade to latest technology.

We have latest hearing aid technology in our clinics such as :

a) Bluetooth enabled hearing aids 

b) Rechargeable hearing aids

 c) Completely invisible hearing aids

d) Up-gradable hearing aids

e) Waterproof hearing aids

Our hearing experts, help you choose the most suitable hearing aids. And ensure that you hear comfortably with our hearing solutions.

Book a hearing test, go home with trial hearing aids. Try them out in the comfort of your own life — wherever that may be.

At the end of the trial period, if you decide you love them, you can move forward with a purchase.

We’re excited to tell you more. Call us today at 9871064242 for more information.

Book Risk Free Hearing Aid Trial


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