Hearing Aids

The success with Hearing Aids is dependent on:

– Choosing the most suitable hearing aid
– Choosing a professional to program and dispense it

Most of the times, people do not take these into consideration and end up buying hearing aids which are not suitable for their purpose.

This leads to a lot of discomfort and negative experience of user towards hearing aids as a product, which is uncalled for.

However, these experience cannot be taken care of in all circumstance but using some simple steps can go a long way in ensuring a comfortable experience for hearing aid user :

1. Getting a thorough Audiometry (Hearing Test) done.
2. Consulting a Professional / Audiologist for understanding the hearing loss and most suitable technology for it, DON’T try to Google and do self help, it can prove to be a costly mistake. Ask your audiologist all your questions and be satisfied, before proceeding further.
3. Try before you Buy a pair of hearing aids, ask you audiologist for it. This helps set your expectations at optimum level.

Hearing Aids

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4. Please ask your audiologist for Auditory Rehab Training / Workshops to help you acclimatise to the Hearing Aid. This step is crucial for getting the maximum advantage from your hearing aids.
5. Go for follow-up meeting as prescribed by audiologist.

If you are still stuck with a bad hearing aid or unable to find the hearing aid, helping you to your expectations, you can always ask our professionals for an appointment.

We are available in Delhi NCR , Haryana in India

Our Hearing Helpline Number is : +91 9871064242, you can Call / SMS / Whatsapp your problem with your details.

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