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Hearing Problems Linked To Mental Decline And Memory Loss In Old Age

 Being hard of hearing can increase the speed at which thinking and memory deteriorates with age, this has recently be proven with a scientific study undertaken in UK. In this study, over a period of six years, volunteers with hearing … Continue reading

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Hearing Loss Prevention: Loud Noises We Hear Daily

Hearing loss is reaching epidemic proportions — and not just among people who play their music too loud. We all expect to go a little bit deaf when we get older. But in this era of ubiquitous Bluetooths and iPods, hearing loss … Continue reading

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Who are “WE”…!!

  We are a professionally managed HEARING & SPEECH CLINIC, with the “soul” purpose of helping people enrich their lives and being actively involved in their lives… Helping people join the conversations… our “soul” motto.  We help you re- live your … Continue reading

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