Which hearing aid is suitable for me…??

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One of the most pressing questions which bother all hearing impaired people is : “How to know which hearing will suit me?” The answer to this question can be a factor of many things, still, we have put together some … Continue reading

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The affordability in Digital Hearing Aids

Affordable Hearing Aids


Hearing impairment feels huge, when it leads to dementia, depression, disconnect from your family & friends.

Hearing Aids, if chosen properly can help you overcome these situations with ease.

Digital Hearing Aids, are now more affordable and more efficient than before.

Call and Book a HEARING AID TRIAL appointment with us today.

HEARING HELPLINE : +91 9871064242

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How to Get Most Out of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aid Offer

Hearing Aid Offer

Buying a hearing aid….is surely the first step in the process of hearing rehabilitation…..but definitely not the last one.

The real benefit of a hearing aids, can truly be appreciated, but getting acclimatized with it.

The process is simple to follow and goes a long way in making hearing really comfortable for you.

Please drop us your problems with hearing aids at : support@amplyclear.com 

We will help you overcome the problems and suggest some ways to get most out of your hearing aids…..

We help people “re-join” conversations….!!!

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Hearing Aids

The success with Hearing Aids is dependent on:

– Choosing the most suitable hearing aid
– Choosing a professional to program and dispense it

Most of the times, people do not take these into consideration and end up buying hearing aids which are not suitable for their purpose.

This leads to a lot of discomfort and negative experience of user towards hearing aids as a product, which is uncalled for.

However, these experience cannot be taken care of in all circumstance but using some simple steps can go a long way in ensuring a comfortable experience for hearing aid user :

1. Getting a thorough Audiometry (Hearing Test) done.
2. Consulting a Professional / Audiologist for understanding the hearing loss and most suitable technology for it, DON’T try to Google and do self help, it can prove to be a costly mistake. Ask your audiologist all your questions and be satisfied, before proceeding further.
3. Try before you Buy a pair of hearing aids, ask you audiologist for it. This helps set your expectations at optimum level.

Hearing Aids

Freedom to Exchange Offer

4. Please ask your audiologist for Auditory Rehab Training / Workshops to help you acclimatise to the Hearing Aid. This step is crucial for getting the maximum advantage from your hearing aids.
5. Go for follow-up meeting as prescribed by audiologist.

If you are still stuck with a bad hearing aid or unable to find the hearing aid, helping you to your expectations, you can always ask our professionals for an appointment.

We are available in Delhi NCR , Haryana in India

Our Hearing Helpline Number is : +91 9871064242, you can Call / SMS / Whatsapp your problem with your details.

Avail our Special Exchange Offer on Hearing Aids for Aug 2015, visit – www.hearingaids.amplyclear.com

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Is Hearing Loss the problem of individual….??

Most of time when we are dealing with a person with Hearing Impairments, we consider it to be an individualist problem. We follow the process of associated with hearing loss, such as : Assessment, Analysis and Evaluations, Recommending a solution, Rehabilitation, Re-adjustment from the perspective of the the individual with hearing impairment.

In truth, the family of such an individual also suffers alongwith.

Living with an hearing impaired person, the family goes through the phases of confusions, irritations, family fights, and compassion at times alongwith the person. If the family is so closely associated both in terms of suffering and positive outcomes from the use of hearing aids, then as an audiologist we need to change our single minded focus from a hearing impaired person to the entire family.

The starting point wherein we can seek a valuable contribution from the family is in terms of Hearing Loss Evaluation, which ironically has two sides to it. Talking to a hearing impaired person, gives his perspective which is too optimistic and talking to family gives a pessimistic view of problem. Somewhere in the middle lies the “truth”. Knowing this has dual advantages at a later stage of counseling : ‘What to expect from hearing aid’.

The involvement of family is of paramount importance for the kind of influence they have on the hearing aid wearer. A positive environment with positive reinforcements, has proven to do wonders both scientifically and emotionally for the hearing aid user, helping him coping with the device and ‘getting used’ to it.

Involving ‘family’ at all stages if important for helping them understand what the hearing impaired person is going through as a result of his hearing loss. This would enable them to have an emphatic view of the situation. Some companies do provide with Hearing Loss Simulators, specifically designed for the ‘family’ who comes alongwith hearing impaired person.

On the way to recovery and rehabilitation, counseling hearing impaired person on the lines of ‘aural rehab principles’ is important for him to adapt quickly and effectively to the hearing aids. However doing this alongwith ‘family’ enhances the effectiveness manifolds, for he has the round the clock support of family in helping him adapt to the new hearing aids. Statistics proves a high adaptation and acclimatization rate in such cases

The hearing impaired person, alongwith his family, both aspire for a comfortable life, involving them can help reach this goal faster.


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Hearing Problems Linked To Mental Decline And Memory Loss In Old Age

 Being hard of hearing can increase the speed at which thinking and memory deteriorates with age, this has recently be proven with a scientific study undertaken in UK.

In this study, over a period of six years, volunteers with hearing loss were found to have a rate of mental decline up to 40% faster than those who could hear normally. Levels of declining brain function were directly related to the amount of hearing loss was one of the outcomes of this study.

On average, older adults with hearing loss developed significant mental impairment 3.2 years sooner than individuals whose hearing was sound.

Almost 2,000 men and women between the ages of 75 and 84 took part in the research, part of an investigation called the Health, Aging and Body Composition(Health ABC) study.

All were given hearing tests which involved listening to a range of soft and loud sounds in a soundproof room. Hearing loss is defined as only being able to recognise sounds louder than 25 decibels.

The volunteers also had their brain function assessed using standard tests of memory and thinking ability. None had any evidence of mental decline when the study began in 2001.

Possible reasons for the link include ties between hearing loss and social isolation. Previous research has shown that loneliness is a risk factor for mental decline.

Poor hearing may also force the brain to devote too much of its energy to processing sound, at the expense of memory and thinking. Another possibility is that some common underlying form of neurological damage leads both to hearing loss and mental problems.

One of the ways to counter this decline is getting help with your hearing loss at earliest. This helps you to lead an active lifestyle, which is imperative for maintaining your funamental agility, especially in old age. Hearing Aids have been found as the most commonly used curative for this.

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Hearing Loss Prevention: Loud Noises We Hear Daily

Hearing loss is reaching epidemic proportions — and not just among people who play their music too loud.

We all expect to go a little bit deaf when we get older. But in this era of ubiquitous Bluetooths and iPods, hearing loss is starting younger than ever before. According to researchers at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health, one in five people between 48 and 59 is already experiencing a deficit. And a study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found that a record one in five teens is suffering from hearing loss, as well. Here’s how to turn down the volume in your environment before it’s too late.

Swallow Some Protection
Inside our ears lie thousands of hairlike cells that turn sound waves into electrical signals so the brain can interpret what we hear. But very loud noise generates free radicals that damage those cells — sometimes permanently. The U.S. military has been pouring money into research on prevention, and it’s paying off. A clinical trial revealed that an over-the-counter supplement called N-acetylcysteine worked much better than earplugs alone at minimizing damage in Marines exposed to gunfire. Researcher Richard D. Kopke, MD, recommends taking 1,200 milligrams 12 hours before you’re bombarded by loud noise (say, at a sporting event). If the noise is unexpected, pop 1,200 milligrams as soon as possible and take 900 to 1,200 milligrams three times a day, with meals, for the next 14 days.

A daily 167-milligram dose of magnesium also seems to offer preventive protection, according to a study by the Israeli military. This could be because magnesium helps promote blood flow (poor blood flow puts stress on the cells of the inner ear).

Take A Break
After a Gaga-blasting Spinning class, seek out silence for as long as possible. And if you’re forced to endure a continuous noise (like a jackhammer or a colicky baby), go someplace quiet for a few minutes every couple of hours. Breaks allow the inflammation caused by free radicals to dissipate.

Pick The Right Earphones
In a noisy setting, the sound-isolating kind are best, says Brian Fligor, director of diagnostic audiology at Children’s Hospital Boston: “They block the right proportion of high and low frequencies so you can hear your music at a lower volume.” Noise-canceling headphones are less effective; they block mostly low frequencies.

Carry Ear Plugs
When subjected to noise the level of a blow-dryer for 90 minutes or more, pop in wax or foam earplugs. For concerts, try hi-fi plugs labeled ER-20. Yes, they look a bit dorky. But your ears will thank you later.

How Loud Is Too Loud?
Noise-induced hearing loss is caused by a combination of volume and duration. Damage starts to occur after 85 decibels, and for every three-decibel increase, the amount of time you can be safely exposed (without earplugs) decreases by half. Keep in mind that the time limit is your total for the entire day; any more within a 24-hour period can do harm.

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Who are “WE”…!!

Amplyclear Logo


We are a professionally managed HEARING & SPEECH CLINIC, with the “soul” purpose of helping people enrich their lives and being actively involved in their lives…

Helping people join the conversations…..is our “soul” motto. 

We help you re- live your “good” old days.

In addition to this we do our bit for the community by leading “LIVE HEALTHY” campaign a free service for senior members of the society. We organise Health Camps for people in various places to promote Health Ear Health. We also are closely working with Senior Citizen Associations in New Delhi

Things that are our guide us in our working:-

  • Our Customer Centricity
  • Our Professional Approach
  • Our Team of Professionals
  • Our Expertise of 15 years

Where we are :

AMPLYCLEAR HEARING & SPEECH CLINIC, 320, Krishna Mall, Ashirwad Chowk, Nr. Ayushman Hospital, Sector 12, Dwarka, New Delhi -110075 

E-mail : info@amplyclear.com   Website : www.amplyclear.com

Our Facebook Page : www.facebook.com/amplyclear


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